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A moon under the Hangzhou's sky

It's the closing time of dawn.
All are sleeping after finishing their movement.
A silvery moon is shining in Hangzhou's sky. It's only for me, I know.
It's one of the best companion of mine.
When I am going to be alone, it gives me the brightful company.
Gone throw the moonshine one day I will be cool. It will find me madly in everywhere with it's silvery light and couldn't get me anywhere.
Maybe that night it will cry and try to stop shining for the cause my passing away. But that moment, a lonely human life will look at it, and miss me badly.
The moon will see that lady who is sitting on a easy-chair and play the old rhythm of violin which I played before with her. Some drops of tear will be fallen down on her lap. She will miss those moments which we passed together under the vast sky and where had the moon shining around us. That lonely lady is the one who will be mine, my soul-mate, my beloved partner. The moon must surrender to her and shine brightly until the dawn comes with full of colors...

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