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Dear Giantess

Dear Giantess,
I have some words to say that is locked deep inside my heart.
But when I want to say, my heart gets splitted several times.
Why it happens? I really don't know.
That's why I sat to write a baseless letter to you.
If this baseless letter somehow reaches you, think that it's from an awaiting person who stay awake all the nights to write something for you.
We will walk together in a same path forever that's why I'm waiting in the middle of the road.
Maybe you don't know that there is hiding an angel between your so kind hearted impersonation.
You don't know, but I'm.
In this severe chilled night, when everyone is busy in sleeping, I am staying awake to send you a baseless letter.
Is this an unnatural quality?
Of course not!
There have so many abnormality that I am doing in every moment and that's only for you.
When my feelings and time started to run after you, then I understood that you are an angel, a giantess and I got myself chained with you.
Nonetheless I say you my dear, my giantess.
There is only one reason that is I love you and it's from the cordial of my heart...

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