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I have someone

There have nobody who is happy more than me by a side. I have someone who makes me happy in every single moment of my life. That one can read every breath. I don't know, how can a person loves someone like that. How can a person find her happiness in another one's smiling face. I see the lady everyday whose life is in my life. Maybe once upon a time I did a great job for mankind. That's why my Lord gave me a lady in my life like her. Every morning she comes to me with a world of golden sunshine for making a brightful life of mine. And every night she makes herself as a circle of light with thousands of colorful candles around me. If somehow I stop smiling, all the clouds are making her world into the darkness.
I can't read the lady's heart. Maybe I'll not in future properly.
She is my breath, my life, my everything...

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