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Breakup? Add a new era in your life

Perhaps you loved someone in your past.
But now, the difference of that relation is too far. That likely to tough to accept you.
Though accepting this matter is really very tough, but it's normal. The actual matter is if you love someone deeply you can't step forward without her. It will be tough for you. It is not so easy to forget your dear one, who had left. Because, you will be accustomed to step forward with your beloved one. In the absence of beloved person, it seems all alone. In the meanwhile the memory of beloved person has been given place to heart.
 Love is like that, indeed let it be.
Today you are trying to forget your beloved one but you failed to do. Sometimes you hate her, and sometimes you love her. But the individual fact is, feeling the emptiness of that beloved person. You are attracting to her for your lovely memory, which you made together. But enough it's enough.
Come back.
Come to your way which will be your future. In that way, where will be no background evocation.
I'm not saying you to forget her, not even to hate her. Your actual aim is making your your career better. In a successful way.
Just think, Why can't you leave her from your mind? Why is it not so easy to forget her. By paying attention in this matter, you can understand that you spent some special moments with her which is shining in your heart, in your sparkling memory. Never forget those memory which you made also with her. Reserve those happy moments into your short life. You will be smiling by remembering those memory when you will be old . These were too pretty ans colorful you will be recognize then.
Don't regret yourself . She will be regretful who ignore all of these.
Just think who is succeeded?
She? who ignore all of these...
Or who he who reserve these memory and never let it go.
Of course second one.
Try to b the second one.

I know you will be sad sometimes. But it and go ahead. Some things can let your mind be fresh. Such as:

Family is like a little world where you had born. Family members love you so much. Don't let their emotions be far from you. Give your time to them. Love everyone and increase everyone's respect to you. Then you can get a strong position in your family. You will never be hurt. Join entertaining work with your family. Hangout with your family. Enjoy your short life with your beloved family members where you find your real love, peace and happiness.

Don't be alone, try to pass your time with your friends. But of course with those who love you and never try to irritate you. Tell them not to annoy you for these things which you don't like anymore. Mix with friend and pass your time that can give you much pleasure.

Fantasy keeps human's mind fresh. So, read poems, story, novel, magazine etc. Ablution in literature can stay you from your old bad memory. Even it will enrich your mind.

If you think about your career, then that old bad memories will be valueless. Try to successful in your life. Success is the best revenge ever. Be succeeded and reach on the highest position in order that she can be regretful. Allegedly she realizes her fault to leave you. If you fail than she will be thankful for her decision.

Never fail to yourself. Let your life go ahead. Success is in here. Don't be upset anymore. Whatever had happened. That just a little part of life,noting more valuable. We meet sometimes with some people. Though they are unfamiliar to us, a little bit fondness started growing up for them. After sometime they take their way. That's their destination. That same thing had happened with you. Her destination was on a short way. After finishing her way, she stopped walking with you. Life is not finished here. Thousands of moment's are waiting for you. So, enjoy that.
Add a new era in your life. You will definitely be succeeded.

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