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I call her

I call her giantess.
Who detracts me every moments.
By forgetting everything I give myself to her.
I call her woman.
Who touches my forehead.
After bathing In whose endearment.
I keep my fingers on her long soggy hair.

I call her touch.
Who touches my lips.
I'm awaken incessantly in whose heart.
I call her autumn.
Who spreads color in my sky.
I colored myself every moments in whose color.

I call her luster.
Who give the day light on every new day to me.
I can walk on the dark way by whose glint.
I call her river.
Who's flowing in my heart.
I have ever green in whose water and mix in whose life.

I call her tune.
Who ballads me.
I get live in my cacophonous song with whose color.
I call her yarn.
Who barriers me inwardly.
Our bodies are combined for that tightness in one heart and one life.

I call her life.
Who teaches me how to live.
I will be old on whose lap and will be dead with a lot of happiness.
I call her epoch.
Who teaches me how to suffice.
I will be come back,will born hundred tines for her in this world.

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